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What is fused glass?

Fused glass is the art of bonding or “fusing” glass in a kiln at temperatures up to 1,700 degrees F. The art is created with a variety of glass shapes, colors, and textures and time. Fused glass is the amazing combination of science, art, and just a touch of magic.

How hard is it?

I guarantee you can create something in your first session. Fused glass is a fun and forgiving medium for beginners. And, if you choose to keep learning, the artistic challenges can last a lifetime.

What types of classes do you offer?

We offer beginning “Crack & Stack” fused glass art classes, special technique classes and advanced fusing classes.  We are always expanding our project selections so sign up for the newsletter.  Ages from about 10-100.  Great for families, date nights, girl’s night out, kids & teens, team building, adults…YOU!  Each has a special emphasis. Check out our Classes page.

What makes your studio different?

Great question! We’ve created the studio we would hope to find.  The studio is a comfortable, fun place to learn something really cool and have fun in your community.

  • Bright, spacious studio
  • Comfortable padded, adjustable chairs
  • Plenty of elbow room
  • Individual tool sets to use in class
  • Glass plus embellishments to add to your projects
  • Fun
  • Levels of classes
  • Quick return of your projects
  • Easy, free parking
  • Handicapped accessible

What kind of equipment do you have?

Each student gets their own hand tool kit to use during class. This includes safety equipment and hand tools for working with the glass. Depending on your class, you may also use our grinders, drill press, saw and learn about our variety of molds and kilns.

Will I be able to take my art project home?

YES — but not the first night. Because the glass has to be fired in the kiln at least once — maybe several times, depending on the class — you will need to come back and get your art. We are quick about returning your work. We can ship for additional fee if you are from out of town.

Is this dangerous… hot, glass and all?

No-but we are safety minded.  You are working in a comfortable studio. When you are done, the projects get put in the room temperature kiln. We’ll show you how to cut glass safely — you’ll be amazed at how easy that is. We supply and advise you to wear safety glasses.  Face masks are required on powder work classes and we also supply those.

Can you cut yourself?

We are dealing with glass, so, yes — it’s possible.  We’ve never had anyone get more than a paper-cut type cut, though, and we have antibiotic ointment and band aids.

Can I burn myself?

Ummm… nope.  It’s like touching your oven at home when it’s off.  When you are done with your project it gets loaded in the room temperature kiln.

Do you host parties?

We love parties!  Bridal showers, team building, birthdays, family get-togethers — something fun and different.  Easy for all generations. Call us to discuss a private party for your group of 8 or more.  Save your money from the events in a bar – BYOB – come set up on our party table-get what you want and save overall.

What makes your parties unique?

You, of course!  Also, depending on the time frame, there is the option of having your very own Master of Ceremonies!  He keeps the fun, games and conversation going intermixed with a glass class. How cool is that!

Can we BYOB?

As long as everyone in your group is over 21, you can BYOB and food.  We have a spot just for you to lay out your treats.

How long does it take?

Our “Crack and Stack” beginning classes run about 3 hours.  Everyone can work at their own speed. When you are done — we work our magic in the kilns and fire your piece.  Allow a week for firing.  Other class times are specified in the class details.

How is fused glass different from blown glass & stained glass?

While the three methods of creating art glass objects have glass in common, they’re very different art forms.

Stained glass and fused glass both use cut pieces of colored sheet glass, but the similarity ends there. The stained glass artist creates a metal framework that connects glass pieces together. Fused glass, sometimes called “kiln-formed glass” actually uses the element of fire — in a high temperature kiln — to melt glass pieces into a single object (“fusing”).

Glass blowing is another animal entirely — molten glass blobs are worked on the end of a metal rod or tube and blown and molded into art glass objects.  The blown glass artist works directly with a (hot!) furnace.

With fused glass we work in a safe, room temperature environment, and then, much like with pottery, the art objects undergo their final transformation in a closed kiln.

More questions?

We’re happy to answer them! Contact us!

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Alchemy Arts Studio offers beginning and advanced fused glass classes in Stillwater, MN. Fused glass classes close to St Paul and Minneapolis. Unique art parties in the Stillwater, St Paul, Minneapolis area. Get out of the paint n sip party and try something different.