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Team Building

Team Building

Do something different!

No experience needed!

It’s a great way to learn, communicate, have break out sessions as a team.

We’ll help you plan a custom team building activity for your group of 8 to 16 people.

Contact us to set up your event

Book early to reserve your date!


Plan 1 – For those that want to get your team together to do something fun!
  • Each person will create their own project (we can discuss this later)
  • A table is setup for any drinks and food you wish to provide.
  • We will have a glass fusion instructor to teach and help along the way
  • Entertaining music will be played
  • You have the full studio
Plan 2 – For those who have a diverse team who may not know each other well, and still want to do something fun!
  • All things in Plan 1
  • An entertaining Master of Ceremonies who gets your team talking and playing games as a group. Tons of fun and lots of laughs.
  • You have the option to provide any background information if you want a certain person to be included with another person or things like that. (Will discuss during planning phase)
Plan 3 – You have a team building purpose. (and still want to have fun !!)
  • All things in Plan 1 & 2
  • Glass project will be unique to your team building goals and could be:
    • individual projects with a theme
    • building project based on what they learned of another team member.
    • a ‘tapestry’ of sorts that will collect all glass work done and brought together in a display
  • Team building leader who will drive all content to the purpose you have communicated. Could be (but not limited to):
    • Getting team to know each other possibly including understanding the teams strengths and weaknesses.
    • problem solving techniques
    • projects and project management styles
    • other
Our Master of Ceremonies is PMP certified from The Project Management Institute.
We can design a professional team building event for your organization based on your feedback and Plan selection to help you succeed.
Please email or give me a call to discuss further.

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Alchemy Arts Studio offers beginning and advanced fused glass classes in Stillwater, MN. Fused glass classes close to St Paul and Minneapolis. Unique art parties in the Stillwater, St Paul, Minneapolis area. Get out of the paint n sip party and try something different.